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SU & Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuilding & Restoration

Datsun 240Z Carbs

Paltech will be offering special deals on carbs, intakes & carb intake & linkage packages each month. Look below at the entire page.

Come back to see what is on Special. Thanks for your interest.        Spring 2016 SPECIAL #1

Rebuild, restore and bench test your pair of Datsun 240Z SU Hitachi 4 or 3 screw carbs.

Includes mirror type polishing finish on the suction chambers.

Special price of $575.00.

TR6 Late Model Carb Pair
TR6 1973-76 Carb Pairs

Triumph TR6 Late Model (1973-76 only) carb pairs while supplies last. 

SPECIAL PRICE $575.00 + actual cost UPS ground fully insured shipping to you.

No cores accepted at this special price.


Rebuilt, restored & bench tested pair of carbs. Specify your year.

The carbs are completely disassembled, all metal parts are stripped & replated. The aluminum carb parts i.e carb body, suction chamber & air piston slides all get Micro-polished (inside & out) to bring back the finish to like new or better.

The carbs are then fully rebuilt using these NEW parts: throttle shafts, bushings & throttle discs, floats, float valves & pivot pins, air piston return springs, jet tubes & meetering needles,  bypass valve & temperature compensator full rebuild, choke cable clamps, suction chamber retaining screws and all seals & gaskets.

The carbs are bench tested in pairs for leaks & the correct air/fuel flow on a carb flow bench.

The carbs are ready to mount and run with minor tuning i.e. idle speed & fine mixture adjustment as usual.

We supply an instruction & tuning sheet & offer free tech support.

Get them while you can as there is a limited supply.

Email any questions or call 440-570-1932.

Datsun Roadster 2000 or 1600 carbs

Spring 2015 Special #2

Datsun Roadster 2000 1600 1500 1200 carbs. 

Special price of $575.00 for rebuilding, restoring and bench testing your pair. Includes the mirror type polishing of the suction chambers.

Call 440-570-1932 or follow the shipping details on the home page.

TR6 Late Model

TR6 Late Model Carb Special mounting side picture.