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SU & Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuilding & Restoration

NOTE: I have a price list for Rebuilding, Restoring & Bench Testing of SU carbs & Zenith Stromberg carbs on the text only pages. I will also be listing sets of SU & Zenith Stromberg Rebuilt, Restored & bench Tested carbs & also complete carb, linkage & intake manifold setups.

Please check back to see my competitive pricing.

Carb Rebuilding Services.
I offer SU, SU Hitachi, Zenith &  Zenith Stromberg carburetor rebuilding & restoration service. I have over 30 years in rebuilding SU & Zenith Stromberg carburetors with past factory/ dealership training.

The carbs are professionally & fully rebuilt, restored (Micropolished & steel parts replated), mounting flanges milled straight & bench tested to factory new specifications.

General rebuilding details for SU carbs, SU Hitachi carbs & Zenith Stromberg carbs:

The carbs are completely disassembled, all parts cleaned in an ultra-sonic biodegradable cleaner, then Micropolished to like new condition inside & out. This includes the suction chamber & air piston slides which are very important for NEW factory operation. See the Micropolishing page for details on the Micropolishing process.

SU Carb Parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & throttle shaft bushings (Brass Oil-Lite) "Not Teflon Lined", throttle valves/discs, New floats NOT included, float valves, pins & levers, jet tubes, jet bearing kits, metering needles, air piston return springs, dampers, suction chamber & float bowl retaining screws & all seals & gaskets.

SU Hitachi carb Parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & bushings (Datsun OEM) , throttle valves, New floats NOT included , float valves & pins, nozzels, meetering needles, air piston return springs, dampers, suction chamber & float bowl retaining screws & all seals & gaskets.

ONE YEAR full warranty &  FREE technical  support.

Zenith Stromberg carb parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & bushings (Brass Oil-lite Superior to Teflon), throttle valves/discs, New floats NOT included, float valves & pins, jet tubes, metering needles, metering needle adjustment & locking screw, retainer clip & seal, bypass valve kits, temperature compensator kits with new ZS covers, air piston diaphragms & return springs, damper, float bowl vent valves, suction chamber retaining screws & all seals & gaskets.

Carbs once assembled are bench tested for leaks, then equal air/fuel flow capability on a carburettor flow bench using a consumption formula. The air pistons are checked for equal weight & drop times within the carb body assembly. Mutiple carbs are bench tested together to ease

ONE YEAR full Warranty & life time technical support.

Call or email for prices. My prices are very competitive. Compare the amount of NEW parts, the amount of labor in testing that is included & also the finished is next to NONE.

Email: or call 440-570-1932 for information.

I have most all British SU & Zenith Stromberg carbs as well as the SU Hitachi 240Z & 260Z carbs available & ready to Rebuild Restore & Bench test. I do have some carbs already finished and ready to ship out. I also have Volvo & Datsun SU carbs. I carry an assortment of intake manifolds & linkages.

I can also offer an exchange for your old carbs plus complete carb, intake & linkage setups or will buy your old carbs, intakes & linkages. Email or call 440-570-1932 for information.


Triumph Spitfire & MG Midget Zenith Stromberg 150 CD Carb Rebuilt & Restored


MG MGB SU HIF4 Carb Pair Rebuilt & Restored


Austin-Healey & MG Midget SU HS2 carbs.

Datsun 240Z 4 Screw Carbs

Datsun 240 & 260 SU Carbs. See Datsun page for full details on rebuilding and conversions from flat top to round top conversion kits


MGA Complete SU Carb & Intake Setups


Triumph TR250 & TR6 Complete Carb & Intake Setup rebuild & restoration. 

Cost to fully rebuild the 1970-1976 TR6 carbs, restore (Micro-polish) the intake manifold & restore/replate the linkage is $795.00.

Cost for the TR250 & 1969 TR6 is $895.00 as I will also rebuild & restore the PVC valve, vacuum pipes & vacuum switch.