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SU & Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuilding & Restoration


Text Listing of Prices Continued and availability of SU carbs & Zenith Stromberg carbs & complete setups.

This list will be updated from time to time & prices may also change due to shipping & parts costs.
If you dont see what you are looking for PLEASE ask, I will probably have what you are looking for or I can get it. Feel free to call 440-570-1932 or email if you have a question.

All Carbs & Setups listed are REBUILT, RESTORED & BENCH TESTED.

The price in blue is the cost to purchase outright + actual shipping cost. No core charge.

 All carbs & setups include a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY &  FREE Technical support on all rebuilding.

I will offer fair trade in value for your complete & rebuildable carbs, intakes & linkage setups. 

Rebuilding, restoration & bench testing cost in red for your parts + return shipping cost.


Zenith Stromberg 175CD carb pairs $495 ($100) ($425) Single ZS175CD carb $250 ($50) ($195)


Carb & Intake & linkage Setup. $550.00 ($495)
Carb pairs, $495.00 ($100) ($425)


TVR Stromberg 175CD carb pair, intake manifold & linkage $595.00 ($495)

Zenith Stromberg 175CD carb pairs. $495.00 ($100) ($425)


Zenith Stromberg 175CD carb pair. $495.00 ($100) ($425)


SU H4 carb pairs $495.00 ($425) I have a few carb intake & linkage setups available for $500.00 at the time.

B18 B20

SU HS6 carb pairs $450.00. ($425) or complete carb pair, intake manifold & linkage. $550.00 ($495)

144 & 145 Setups available.