SU & Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuilding & Restoration

Datsun 2000 Setup
Datsun Roadster Setup

Datsun Roadster 2000 SRL311 SU carb, intake, heat shield & linkage setup.   Rebuilt, restored & bench tested with a 1 year Warranty. 

Fully assembled & ready to mount & run. Special Outright Winter 2012 Price $750.00 while supplies last. No core accepted at this low price. Thank You!

 Email for information or call 440-570-1932


Datsun 1500 & 1600 Fairlady SU Complete carb, intake, heat shield & linkage setups available. 

Special Winter 2012 price of $750.00 while supplie last. No cores accepted at this low price. Thank You!

Please email or call 440 570 1932 for more information.

NOTICE: we just received a complete & Rare Datsun 1200 Roadster SPL213 carb, intake & linkage setup that is available. Please call 440 570 1932 for information.





We have a couple of the rare Datsun Roadster 1200 SPL213 carbs, intake & linkage setups available.